Why movies?

Is it logic to start my first thoughts about trying to find out what makes movies so special? With many debates going on about what influence does Netflix has on a movie industry as well as falling numbers of sold cinema tickets, I kind of feel, that it’s interesting to take a quick stop and think: why movies?

They show unknown worlds

Movies show worlds we’d like to explore or we’d like to be part of. In other words: they show our thoughts, dreams or even fantasies. You can just forget yourself in what you see currently on the screen. If you’re lucky enough with your choice, the movie can make you forget about everything for some time to such extent, that you’ll need time to stop thinking about what you’ve just seen. No matter if these are few minutes in which you get used to the lights in the cinema again or the few minutes in which you grab your remote control to push stop: you need to go back. Forgetting. Would it be the most important reason for loving movies? Forgetting about our problems and daily routine for a while and forgeting ourselves in another world.

They inspire

How many times did you leave cinema with new questions? And how many times did you check something in Wikipedia, Google or YouTube because you wanted to confront your knowledge with what you’ve just seen? Movies show biographies which inspire or situations which encourage you to try new things. I still remember how after watching La la Land I started playing piano again and visited a jazz club (for the first time in my life!). Or how Bohemian Rhapsody influenced my latest music choice (yes I do listen now to Queen). Probably the most crazy idea I got was booking a trip to Romania, after watching, yes guess what I watched? Hotel Transylvania (so predictable). Curiousity – it’s the proper word which describes what movies evoke in you.

Cinema is still alive

Going to a cinema is stil an experience. Hopefully you can notice this special smell of freshly made popcorn – because it makes this places so outstanding. Did you notice how suddenly you enjoy your blockbuster experience even more if you have a big pack of popcorn or nachos in your hand? Each cinema building is special and visiting small, independent arthouse cinemas is as much exciting as leaning back in the new “deluxe chair” and enjoying your 3D IMAX screening. Small historical cinemas take you back for a small journey back then, when it was the only place where you could meet your favourite actors. On the other hand the state-of-the-art multiplexes bring us the latest technological updates. No matter what you hear, Dolby Atmos doesn’t exist at home. Seriously, would you prefer to watch Avengers: Endgame at home?!


It’s all about emotions. And there are so many of them in the movies and you always find an apropriate movie for each occasion. If you decide to not stick only to one genre, you have the whole range of interesting expreiences and emotions waiting for you. Ice-cream, tears, because our better half left us and a romantic comedy? It’s probably one of the most common cliches when it comes to why you watch a movie. You watch it to be happier, to laugh but also to cry and search for something real. Music emphasizes these emotions even more and for sure you stop for a while, being it even a second, when you hear soundtrack from Interstellar, Gravity, Shape of Water or songs from almost each Disney movie or The Greatest Showman.

Becoming a cinephile

Knowledge in filmmaking makes you appreciate movies even more. You suddenly have a lot of “wow” (and also “wtf”) moments. Being it a screenplay, acting or editing, you’re more curious and pay attention to the details. Suddenly you discover, how Hitchcock “boycotted” the classic hero’s journey and left you with a question: “So who’s the main hero? What just happened here?!” You follow the camera movements and try to understand what director and cinematographer wanted you to see. You discover and again forget oneself. You also criticise less because you know how much work is put into creating films. Or let’s just say it in another words: hence you know how difficult it is to make a movie, you always try to find something positive in it. You also watch both: blockbusters and arthouse movies because you want more.

Cinephile is probably a confusing term but as soon as you start feeling as one, you’ll even get thrilled just by hearing the music of the particular distributor and film production company. Because this music means: you’re about to start a new cinematic journey again. So grab your popcorn and get prepared for new load of emotions, discoveries, unanswered questions, inspirations and broken filmmaking rules!

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