Oscar Night 2020

For every cinephile there’s one important night in the year and it’s not New Year’s Eve. It’s Oscar night, which marks the end of the film year and bring us quicker heart beats. Because who doesn’t like to see little bit of glamour, reciprocal (sometimes inexplicable) recognition and …. ? Exactly and what? The ceremony is long and for the ones watching it in Europe, it’s also super tiring to stay up until ca. 5:30 am. I guess that we manage to stay awake because of this feeling that each cinephile around the world does tonight exactly the same. Few coffees help us to stay awake and somehow we’re all a big community for one night. Probably it’s the same feeling people get when they watch Olympic Games or FIFA World Cup.

Somehow this year’s Oscar ceremony really marks the end of the movie year as the most important movie awards were given away before Berlinale starts. In this way Berlinale will start the new movie year. Somehow the two events changed the dates: Oscars moved to the beginning of the February and Berlinale starts later (however the latter just adjusted its date based on the decision of the first).

Only one night like this

The evening starts with taking a nap between 9pm and 10pm. It’s so early for me to sleep already that I only doze off a little. Shortly before 10pm I’m ready to drink my first coffee of the night accompanied by green tea for healthy balance and obligatorily some sweets. It’s party time! By the way, the best for an introvert: alone, at home, with TV on and some junk food (the excuse to do it is good). And it finally starts! Red Carpet arrivals.

The relation starts

00:30 The German presenter interviews Zazie Beetz and I found out that she comes from Germany! She was born in Berlin. Right after this break – shall I take a nap or not? No, it’s “too early”.

00:50 Wow, they got Laura Dern for an interview. She looks little bit older than in the Marriage Story movie. Oh and the reporter doesn’t even know the name of the movie (she said “American story!”) and tried to mention in which other movie Dern appeared (“Little Women”) but failed… Proof that preparation is everything.

00:55 Gerard Butler knows Til Schweiger. I feel little bit like website with gossips by writing this. But it is interesting to see that world is small and in this industry it’s even smaller.

01:07 To be really precise: time for second coffee! They’re interviewing two main actors from the movie 1917 but I really need another coffee right now.

01:33 something worth noticing: they got Penelope Cruz and before her they interviewed also Taika Waititi. The latter was asked about his new movie Jojo Rabbit and they asked him why Germany should watch this movie? This is also something I didn’t unterstand so far and the answer the director gave wasn’t satisfying at all: “we shouldn’t forget what happened and the message is general for everyone, no matter which country”. So why do you explicitly point out at the Germany during their dark period of history? I’m kind of perplexed. Ok, back to the Oscars. Oh, they have commercials now…

01:52 Brad Pitt answered one question, Tom Hanks just passed by and now there’s Antonio Banderas! He has really nice accent and looks really trustworthy? Somehow I like him now more than before also because of the interview I read in a magazine of Turkish Airlines.

Ok it starts!

02:00 After two hours of red carpet live interviews (or trying to catch the stars for the interviews) the main ceremony starts. With a small show in a really US style (but I even don’t know who sings).

02:25 Right after Brad Pitt won his first Oscar there was already also the first commercial! Right after this the Oscar for Toy Story 4. It’s so hard for a not Pixar/Disney movie to win this award!

02:28 Second coffee! I already prepared myself a small travel mug.

02:40 Wow! Wow and here it’s the kind of first surprise this night: best screenplay goes to Bong Joon Ho and Han Jin Won for Parasite. Already once the nominees were mentioned, one could hear strong applause from the audience. So I guess there won’t be Oscar for a Polish movie… And now Jojo Rabbit for adapted screenplay. I need to see it then even though I’m still sceptical abut making parody about such diffcult and sad period of the history. (But the awards are going quite quick, I must say.)

03:20 I’m not able to comment the categories like production design, documentaries or short movie. About Laura Dern only this: everyone was talking about her and predicting she’ll win and she did.

03:30 Wow! That’s bigger surprise as Parasite winning best screenplay. Eminem is singing “Lose Yourself” which got Oscar for the best song in 2003! Is he trying to get back into business? I remember that his CD was the first CD I ever bought in my life.

03:50 Cinematography. I wanted Rodrigo Prieto to win but probably only because of my previous love for Mexican movies. Or maybe not previous, it’s still there. But instead Roger Deakins won for 1917. And the award for film editing went to Ford v Ferrari.

04:05 I’m hearing the song from Harriet for the first time (the German release date is 16th April) and I love it! Since the first chorus. It should win.

04:15 Bombshell won in the category makeup and hairstyling. Somehow I want to see this movie (again in Germany it’ll be released later, on 13th February).

04:25 Yeah Parasite wins. I guess I was hoping for Corpus Christi to win because of my new love for Polish movie. South Korea never won an Oscar and it was fair enough for Parasite to win. Fair enough? People are getting crazy about this movie and I write fair enough? Well, I guess that my heart is just little broke now…

04:55 Wow! This guy suddenly makes even better history then Alfonso Cuarón. In 2013 Cuarón won Oscar for best director and best editing for Gravity. Bong Joon Ho won already 3 Oscars for his first Oscar nominated movie. Is Parasite going to win the best movie? He’s definitely making bigger history as Cuarón for example was nominated for two of his other movies before he even won his first Oscar. Why am I comparing Korean director to Mexican one? Because somehow I have feeling that he was the one, who through his achievements and hard work opened the door to the other international movies. I start to have headache. Now it’s getting really interesting.

05:20 Joaquin Phoenix, Renée Zellweger and… Parasite. Even Jane Fonda looked shocked as she said who won the Oscar. So it is possible for a movie to win the director and motion picture category at the same time (Something the Academy was acused of: that the new voting rules cause the movie wins in the category director but not motion picture. And vice versa.) And it’s also the first time a movie won in both international feature film and motion picture. I just saw that on the offficial Parasite Instagram page there are opinions of different filmmakers, among others also from Aljeandro G. Iñarritu. Yes, the mexicans definitely shacked up Hollywood and opened doors to many new movie experiences. Not to mention that Iñarritu was the President of the Jury in Cannes last year which awarded Parasite with the most important award of this festival: Palme d’Or. It was also the beginning of the movie’s success and the Oscar just tops all the other awards it already received.

05:35 So it’s the end. I made it! And it was worth it.

The history

This I’m writing the day after. Everyone is talking about Parasite (adding also some conspiracy theories) and personally I cannot get rid of the thought, that if it wouldn’t have been for three mexicans, probably we wouldn’t have seen it. Why? Maybe it’s just a gut feeling and I’ll leave it like this.

New movie season is open! Next: Berlinale starting 20. February. Let’s see what surprises the new “movie year” brings us!

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