About me

I’m Kasia, polish girl living in Nuremberg, Germany. I tried already to write a blog in many ways – it didn’t really work out. This time it ‘s going to be different as this time I promised something to me and the future readers: search, describe and explain polish movies. It’s a huge promise especially if you take into account that I’m not a professional movie critic, rather an average person who happens to love movies too much. This hobby as well as my origins inspired me to finally focus on the cinematography of my own country.

I’m excited to find out where this journey will take me. So far after the first posts, I could find the main focus of the blog: not only writing about Polish movies but also explaining our culture, history, points of view. Everything what I feel that the foreign audience could have missed. For me it’s still a discovering journey of the Polish cinematography and I’d be more then happy if you join me as well! Are you with me?

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